The Crimean Tatars:  The Diaspora Experience and the Forging of a Nation

by Brian Glyn Williams

This work is an analysis of the latest theories in Russia, the USA, Turkey and Western Europe on such topics as the ancient ethnic origins of the Crimean Tatars (in the Mongol and Ottoman periods and earlier Gothic and Kipchak eras); the nature of the Crimean Tatar Khanate (from 1475-1783); colonial rule (by Imperial Russia); displacement and migration (predominantly in the aftermath of the 19th century Crimean War); settlement in the Ottoman Empire (in the Dobruca coastal region of the Balkans and Anatolia); national identity formation (on the eve of the Russian Revolution and during the early Soviet period); ethnic cleansing (during the general conflagration of World War II, May 18, 1944); exile in Uzbekistan and elsewhere; repatriation to the Crimea and post-Soviet identity and culture construction among the Crimean Tatars. Whole Summary

Volume 2, Brill's Inner Asian Library
2001,  Brill, Leiden, Boston, Koln
ISBN:  90 04 12122 6
ISSN:  1566-7162
Book review found in Central Eurasian Studies Review-(Scroll down pdf to page 21).; by Anna Oldfield Senarslan, Languages and Cultures of Asia Ph.D. Program, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin.
  Book Review in "Choice"; by D. MacKenzie, emeritus, Univ. of North Carolina. Greensboro.

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