Professor of Islamic History at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth

A map and visual based history of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, February 2022 to February 2023.

Professor Williams' book:
Counter Jihad: America's Military Experience in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria

"A superb chronicle of the campaigns to counter Al Qaeda, the Islamic State, and their affiliates—by a student of, and participant in, those campaigns."—General David Petraeus, former Director of the CIA and Commander of U.S. Central Command and NATO forces in Afghanistan and Iraq.

"Counter Jihad. Ranked by Book Authority as "One of the 20 Best Afghan War Books of All Time."

Review by U.S. Air Force Institute

Review by US Army

Review by New York Journal of books

Review by H-War

Review by H-Asia

Review by Mid East Studies Assoc.

Review by US Army 'Parameter'

Review by Journal of Military History

Professor Williams' book:
The Last Warlord. The Life and Legend of Dostum, the Afghan Warrior who Led US Special Forces to Topple the Taliban Regime.

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Review by CIA
Review in Kirkus Review
Review by Publishers Weekly

Review by Maclean's
Review by Indian media

Professor Williams' book:
Predators. The CIA's Drone War on Al Qaeda

Review by Small Wars Journal

Review by USAF Air and Space Journal

Review by Boston Globe
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Review by Strategic Studies Institute


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Dr. Williams' project
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Dr. Williams advising on 12 Strong movie set
Dr. Williams' Awards & Commendations from the Military
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Professor Williams' book:
Afghanistan Declassified. A Guide to America's
Longest War.
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Review by the Review of Middle East Studies

Review by Military History

Review by Publishers Weekly

Review by US Ambassador to Afghanistan

Professor Williams' book:
Inferno in Chechnya. The Russian-Chechen Wars, the Al Qaeda Myth, and the Boston Marathon Bombings.

Review by DefenceReport

Review by Times Literary Supplement

Review by US Army Military Review

Review by Publishers Weekly

Professor Williams' book:
The Crimean Tatars:  The Diaspora Experience and the Forging of a Nation. Read excerpt

Central Eurasian Studies Review

Professor Williams' book:
The Crimean Tatars: From Soviet Genocide to Putin's Conquest


Review by Slavonic East European Review

Review in Open Democracy

Review in Literary Review


Dispatch From Afghanistan. Dr. Williams photo blogs from the 'Forgotten War
Dr. Williams on NPR Radio in Case of Bin Laden's Driver.

  Dr. Williams' video "Living with a Warlord"
  Former lecturer at the University of London, School of Oriental and African Studies. See Courses



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