Dr. Williams on Ukraine War

"Prof. Brian Glyn Williams: Trump will "end" this war by pushing Ukraine under the Russian tank."


"Prof. Brian Glyn Williams: "If Putin uses tactical nukes, NATO will intervene decisively" The Political Periscope. Pod Cast. Poland. LISTEN NOW >

"Phase Three of Putin's War. August, Ukraine Prepares to Pivot to the Offensive." New Bedford Cable News Network. August 2002.


"Phase Two of the War. The Epic Russian Repulse at Kyiv and Impending World War II-style Battle for Eastern Ukraine."

"Has Putin Heeded Warnings from the History of Urban Warfare?" History News Network. April 3, 2022. READ NOW >

"Why Crimean Tatars are fearful as Russia invades Ukraine." The Conversation. March 17, 2022. READ NOW >

UMass Dartmouth professor walks us through war on Ukraine.

Interview and Q and A: "Javelins, Dictators, Insurgents and Sanctions. Comparing the Russian Invasion of Ukraine to the US Invasion of Iraq." March 10, 2022.

"A History of Ukraine and Putin's Wars Against It." New England Cable TV. March 12, 2022.

"Brian Glyn Williams on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine." New Bedford Bright Light. March 2, 2022.

Dr. Williams discussing sanctions And urban combat in Kiev On Turkish radio television

“Dr. Williams discussing history behind the war” on Massachusetts radio station. LISTEN NOW >

"Chechnya’s Boss Serves Up Kremlin Propaganda to Bolster Putin’s New War."
Radio Free Europe-Polygraph. March 15, 2022. READ NOW >

Dr. Williams on Ukrainian recognition of Crimean Tatar’s in Oxford University Press. READ NOW >

Dr. Williams in Huffington post on his travels in the Crimea. READ NOW >

“8 reasons we should all fear Putin.” Williams in Newsweek. READ NOW>

“Travels in Crimea” READ NOW>

"Umass Dartmouth Professor on Russia's Invasion of Ukraine." WBSM Radio. March 6, 2022. LISTEN NOW>

"Crimean Tatars Face Russian Crackdown." Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. June 5, 2016. READ NOW>

"Opinion: Massacre of Ukrainian civilians should end Trump’s embrace of ‘butcher’ Putin." New Bedford Light. April 10, 2022. READ NOW>


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