Conference Papers and Talks:

"Persecution and Persistence: 75th Anniversary of the Deportation of the Crimean Tatars in Historical Context." Harvard University Ukrainian Center. May 19, 2019.

"Living with an Afghan Warlord: The Life and Legend of Dostum, the Afghan Warrior who Led US Special Forces to Overthrow the Taliban." UCLA. April 15, 2015.

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"Drones in Focus." Boston College. November 14, 2014.

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"Drones in Focus." Boston College. November 14, 2014.

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Policy Research Institute. September 28, 2010.

"Dostum 'the Taliban Killer.' Living with a Northern Alliance Warlord in Afghanistan."Center for Russia, East Europe and Central Asia. Madison, Wisconsin, March 2007. (Click to hear talk then scroll down to Spring).

Chechnya, Arab Oil Money, and Iraq." Atocha Workshop.
Creative Solutions to Global Terrorism. Madrid, Spain. March 11, 2005.

"Waging Counter Jihad in Central Asia. Operation Enduring Freedom 2001-2005." 46th Annual International Studies Association Convention. Waikiki, Hawaii. March 2005.

October 2003. "Waging 'Jihad' in Chechnya. The Role of Transnational Islamic Brigades in the Chechen Secessionist Struggle." International Institute for Strategic  Studies, London. Eurasia Strategy Seminar.

October 2003."Quagmire. Critically Assessing the Second Russo-Chechen War." Central Eurasian Studies Society Fourth Annual Conference. Harvard University, Boston.

September 2003."Report from Afghanistan. Reassessing The Role of Warlords in Post-Taliban Afghanistan." Eurasian Studies Group. Naval War College. Newport Rhode Island.

May 22 - 30, 2003. 3rd e-Symposium on Conflict Prevention, The Japan Center for Conflict Prevention. Session II. Comments (Comment D) "Assessing Islamism and Terrorism Angles in Chechnya and Palestine."Tokyo, Japan.

"The Chechen Resistance. Freedom Fighters or Al Qaeda-Sponsored Terrorist Movement."  Association for the Study of Nationalities. April 2003. Columbia University, New York.

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Septermber 2002. "Critically Exploring Al Qaeda Links to the Chechen Guerrilla Formations in the Current Russo-Chechen War." Eurasia Studies Group. Strategic Research Department. Naval War College. Newport, Rhode Island.

October 2002. "The Role of Ethnic Cleansing in Crimean Tatar History. A Critical Reinterpretation." Third Annual Conference of the Central Eurasian Studies Society. Madison, Wisconsin.

January 2002. Identities in Diaspora: Challenging Frontiers. "The Hidden Ethnic Cleansing of Muslims in the Soviet Union."American Historical Association Annual Meeting. San Francisco. http://cmsprod.bgu.ac.il/humsos/centers/herzog/veidot/Symbolic+and+Pactical.htm

December 2001. "Symbolic and Practical Dimensions of the Territorial Discourse in the Middle East: A Comparative Analysis."The Herzog Center for Middle Eastern History and Diplomacy. Ben Gurion University, Israel. European University Institute, Florence Italy.

April 2001. "Ethnocide in the USSR. The Crimean Tatar Exile in Central Asia."Sixth Annual Association for the Study of Nationalities Convention. Columbia University, New York.

January 2001. "The Demographic Structure of the Ottoman Empire in the Late 19th and 20th c." Chair. United Kingdom Council of Turkish Students Society. London School of Economics, University of London.

January 2001. "Ethnic Cleansing in the USSR. The Case of the Crimean Tatars."London School of Economics, University of London. Russian and East European Political Science Forum. London.

November 2000. "Deportation and Ethnic Cleansing of the Crimean Tatars." Thirty Fourth Annual History Forum. Conference on Ethnic Cleansing in Twentieth Century Europe. Hosted by Duquesne University with Austin College. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

September 2000. "Jihad in the Caucasus. The Role of the Middle East in the Second Russo-Chechen War."University of London, Middle Eastern History Forum. London.

April 2000. "Ak Toprak. Ethno-political Mobilization of the Crimean Tatar Diaspora in the Republic of Turkey."Fifth Annual Association for the Study of Nationalities Convention. Columbia University. New York.

February 2000. "Ethnic Cleansing of Muslim Nations in the USSR."University of London, School of Slavonic and East European Studies and SOAS. Central Asian Studies Lecture Series. London.

June 1999. "Ethnocide in the USSR. The Deportation of the Crimean Tatars."Association of Genocide Scholars, Third Annual Convention. University of Wisconsin, Madison.

April 1999. "Russian Colonial Rule in the Tauride and the Crimean Tatar Migrations to Turkey."Fourth Annual Association for the Study of Nationalities Convention.  Columbia University New York.

Oct. 1998. "Korenizatsiia  and the Territorialization of National Identities in the Soviet Muslim Borderlands, 1920-Present."Third Annual Central Asia Workshop. University of Wisconsin. Madison.

April 1998. "Post-Soviet Constructions of Land, Homeland and Nation in Contemporary Crimean Tatar and Uzbek National Politics."Third Annual Association for the Study of Nationalities Convention. Columbia University, New York.

March 1998. "The Reconstruction of Exiled Identity." Seventh Annual Symposium on Cultural Studies  of Eastern Europe and Eurasia. (Sponsored by Soyuz-the Research Network for Post-Communist Cultural Studies). Columbia Univ. New York.

October, 1997. "The Crimean Tatars in Central Asia."Second Annual Central Asia Workshop. University of Wisconsin. Madison.

October, 1996. "The Russian Annexation and Settlement of the Ukraine and Crimea as a Prelude to the Conquest of Muslim Central Asia." First Annual Central Asia Workshop.  University of Wisconsin. Madison.



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